New Blog Sneak Peek


Job allowing, there is an essay I am wanting to work on. But until it’s finished, I have some homework for my readers, Think of it as a sneak peek at the topic:

1. Go out to your favorite restaurant, preferably a busy one. Maybe take a significant other; Go ahead make it a couple’s thing.

2. Don’t turn on your phones! Fight it. Don’t use it once.

3. (This part is huge) As stealthily as possible, watch everyone else at the restaurant. Take note of two things: How many times you can notice people looking at their phones, and How long people spend looking into their phones at one time.

You can even make winners! who looked the most times? And who stared at their phone for the longest single time? If you’re afraid that someone will notice you looking around. Don’t worry. No one will notice I promise. Most of them are way to involved in their phone-y lives (see what I did there) to notice. It would be like when Neo wakes up from the matrix and is looking at all other people still plugged in. They didn’t notice. The people you watch probably won’t either.

Let me know what happens 🙂


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