Quick Writing Tip: On First Drafts


Keep it moving! When I wrote last week’s tip about editing, there was an underlying benefit that I didn’t mention. I need to mention it, because if you don’t exploit it, then you don’t get nearly the benefits of “waiting to edit” that you could get.

If you choose ahead of time NOT to write and edit your blog on the same day, stand by that decision during the drafting process. Get those thoughts down as quickly as possible! Don’t worry about proofing and spell-checking until the next day when you edit;That’s what the editing time is for! So relax and just write. There will be plenty of time for arranging, rewriting, and grammar-checking tomorrow.

It is so easy to let editing/proofing process leak into your writing time. Don’t let it. Keep it sacred. I still do little things as I am going long like the occasion misspell or apostrophe catastrophe. Sometimes, my fingers move to correct before I can stop them. That’s ok. The main goal is to keep moving though. Let the word count soar! Remember a good edit should cut your word count down by about 20%! So get it all in while you can.


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