Life of Pi Movie Review


Set in that big blue vat between India and Canada, Life of Pi is about an Indian boy who must grow up faster than any boy should, if he is to survive 227 days on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With a wild fully-grown Bengal tiger aboard, the two of them witness some incredible scenes under the stars in their mutual struggles for survival. Here is my brief review:

The story is based on the book by Yann Martel. I was hesitant to give the movie much of a chance just because Yann Martel’s book was so good- I don’t know if calling it life-changing would be an exaggeration- but it was very well handled in the movie. Don’t be tricked by the the trailers and synopsis; This isn’t just another Cast Away or Robinson Crusoe story. There is a large element of survival, but the bigger story is one of faith, conviction, and doubt, with just as much drama as action.

The movie just looked gorgeous! The opening credits- Yes, it had those- contained beautiful scenes of the animals in the zoo, all just living in their habitats. I couldn’t have had enough footage from the zoo; They looked that good. The most spectacular backdrops of the movie took place on the ocean with the boy and the tiger. Especially one particularly incredible scene, showcasing some bio-luminescent plankton and a blue whale!


It’s a must-see. No, it didn’t follow the book perfectly; but what movie does? It was beautiful, entertaining, and inspiring. What more could you ask for? Go see it this weekend.


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