So, this is what I can do with 4 hours…

This morning was a rare gift. One that I haven’t experienced, well, ever; at least not as long as I have been calling myself “a writer”. It was a morning off from work. On a weekday.

Though I miss my wife, who still has to chase children and teach the ABC’s to preschoolers today, I was able to take the opportunity to pretend like I’m an actual writer for a few hours… And this is what happened:

1. Finished the final edit of my first short story, “The Reunion”.     It’s done!

2. Designed a cover for it. This isn’t exactly my skill-set, though; I’ll probably change it. If you want to take a look at it, as well as read the sleeve copy, you can do so here.

3. Got a amazon account and uploaded my book to the Kindle Store, though it won’t be for sale until I get my new site done.

4. Wrote my second short story. That’s right, the whole first draft of “A Fable of Fish and a Story of Stars” is done.

This is amazing! I could definitely do this one day, every day.

Or does is it better to say “I could do this every day, one day.”

I don’t know. Lunch time.


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