A Missed Flight: Part 2

 amissedflightuntitled    Here is the second part of the short story, “A Missed Flight.” If you haven’t read part one first, please do! Or this probably won’t make much sense. The cover image was created by Photographer and Designer Yisrael Grimes and is used by permission.

As Thomas rushed out the door, he felt his pockets to make sure he didn’t forget anything. Phone, Wallet, keys, and 200 dollars for eating out, riding the bus, and just spending. It never failed. Whenever he didn’t use cash on a trip, he always overspent. This was his way to know exactly how much he had to work with. One time he lost the money somehow on the way to the airport, which is why he got into this habit of constantly checking for it, even pulling it out to count it, and jamming it back down deep into his pockets, and subconsciously reaching for it again every few minutes.

   For this trip, though, he decided he would have to get on the plane with less than his safe 200 dollars; He needed coffee. So as he turning the corner towards the business district, he ducked into a local coffee shop. A couple moments later he emerged, 4 dollars and 13 cents poorer, but a happy medium french vanilla latte richer.

   Not even his taste buds were a safe haven from the thought of loss. Along with the price, the latte added the painful cost of memories of lazy afternoons at the coffee shop playing backgammon with Kara. Out of all of his family and friends, she was the only one who knew how to play backgammon. They had learned together at that same coffee shop one day. It was their game. Checkers and Connect Four were for anyone. But Backgammon was for Kara.

   Just before Thomas made it to the airport something else happened. He was bumped. Now, why would that be worth mentioning? Normally, it wouldn’t be. But in Thomas’ case this little bump was going to change his world in ways he could never imagine.

   As he rounded the corner outside the coffee shop, he headed through the busiest intersection in town. Men in business suit and women in blouses and blazers hurried along in every direction to get to their respective buildings to sit in their respective desks. As to be expected in this type of environment, shoulders are likely to meet, and sides are bound to get accidentally jabbed. But, as Thomas crossed the busy median, he was met with a harder-than-you’d-expect kind of jab. Thomas immediately grabbed his throbbing side and turned around indignantly looking for the perpetrator, who apparently needed to learn to watch where he was going. Because of how many people there were, Thomas could only guess. And he guessed right as he eyed the back of a man in a perfectly pressed silver business suit. The man looked like he could have been bald. But you couldn’t really be sure, because he also had on a matching silver fedora with a black band. Thomas subconsciously just assumed he was bald, nonetheless.

  Instinctively, Thomas reached into his pockets to check for his belongings. After a bump like that, he wasn’t entirely sure he didn’t just get pick-pocketed. As he dug around, he noticed something that he didn’t recognized. When he pulled it out, he could see it was a standard size business card. It was very simple: all silver from edge to edge, with just a few words typed in black. “All of your pain and torment can be removed. A one-time charge of $195.87 will be charged at the end of the process.”

  Thomas flipped it over to find that it was blank on the back. “Some genius psychoanalyst was cool enough to slip me his card. Pfft. Not smart enough to put a name and number on it apparently.” Thomas thought as he continued his trek to the airport. “Not that I’d give him any business. What kind of creep slips his card into random people’s pockets anyway?”

Thanks for reading part two! Judging by how much I am thinning out of the next chapter, the third release should be the last one. If not, well, we will all know in a few days, won’t we?


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