Why We Do What We Do.

This past week has been brutal. I have been on this night-shift at work that has twisted my schedule into such knots, that I couldn’t tell what the day or time was at any given point without looking at a watch. Why would I agree to do that? It was the most well-meaning of intentions: To provide some long-missed security for my wife. And it worked. I got a nice check, and our bills are pretty much all caught back up to that point where we are starting to see that financial light at the end of the monetary tunnel. So, would I do it again?

Probably not.

I may have saved some money, but it wasn’t that much more than usual; it just sped things along. and what I sacrificed was what I needed more than the hours: My wife. In the same way, I sacrificed what my wife needs from me more than my money: Me.     The more I was gone, the more frustrated I got without seeing her as much. And the more of a jerk I became to hang out with, when I was (somewhat) awake and at home. I think a lot of friends noticed it, but my wife had to live with it. It almost reached a climax of anger and argument, but luckily she recognized what was creeping up on us just in time for us to team up, lock our arms into each others, and fight off the darkness together. Man, what a partner I’ve got!

The lesson here:

Don’t let things you do for the ones you love come between you and the ones you love.

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