You Say You Want a Revolution

I didn’t listen to the Beatles until I was 18. Is that weird? I always heard about the Beatles; I heard that they changed the face of music forever, that they were true rebels, that they shook America to it’s core. But I never actually heard them. You can imagine my excitement when I saw the “One” album at Walmart and bought it. All their number one hits! I had no idea what I would hear when I got the the car, ripped the plastic, fought and chewed on that annoying security strip for an hour, and stuck it in the player. And when I did, this is what I heard…

It was their first hit, “Love Me Do.”

I was confused. Rebellious? Rock And Roll? Revolutionary? This wasn’t what I heard. It sounded like a bunch of properly dressed, clean shaven good boys who wouldn’t start a food fight, much less a revolution. I could barely listen to it at first. I felt ashamed to admit it to my friends. I was in a band, I was surrounded by other musicians, and the last thing you want to say to your fellow music snobs is “I finally got around to listening to the Beatles, and I just don’t get it.” That is what a death sentence would sound like.

We don’t always don’t get revolutions. Sometimes it’s because of the context, sometimes it’s just because we didn’t keep listening. If I had told my friends, to be honest, they probably would have said something really helpful like, “Go get the White Album, dufus.” And I would have figured out the genius and forward thinking that made Beatles so influential.

When we read the words of Jesus first sermon, it can sound anything but revolutionary. It actually sounds weak, flat, and just pitiful. Think about it. Revolutionaries are…

Poor in spirit?



That’s not exactly Patrick Henry, or John Lennon. It sounds like  a bunch of doormats waiting to get stepped on. Weak weepy pacifists get taken advantage of; they don’t change the fabric of society.

Or do they?

What if “weak” isn’t what Jesus is describing at all? What if we just stopped listening to soon? What if we just haven’t asked the right questions yet? This Sunday, I’m going to talk at Crossroads Community Church about revolution. Gutsy, crazy, countercultural revolution. Come by and listen, and find out how Meekness might actually be the most rebellious, courageous thing a person can be.<

See you there!


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