Meet Silas Brooks


Silas stays busy with a lot of things. But every project he puts his hands on seems to bear his unmistakable fingerprint of clarity and simplicity. When it comes to his writing, Silas has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. When asked to describe his copywriting style, he said, “I can’t remember who, but someone said,’When something takes little effort to understand, great effort went into writing it.’ I think that nails it.”

Here are some of the projects he either heads up or writes for:



TwentyList is his self-handled blog, which is where he writes about his love of comic books. Nerdy? Yeah, we thought so too, but the excitement he puts into the posts on TwentyList is almost even enough to get a non-comic fan to pick up a book and start!


   Reconcile Everything

SIlas has an irresistible passion for making the world a better place. His “Reconcile Everything” project works to raise the awareness to Christians the importance of taking care of the environment, people, and animals everywhere. It incorporates articles and interviews promoting this message or reconciling, or putting back together, all the broken pieces of our world. It gets its name and theme from the first chapter in the book of Colossians.


    Crossroads Church

At his church, SIlas serves as a part of the teaching team, working with the other communicators to put together the teaching schedule. “How can we teach this in the clearest way?” and “How do we help the listener take action based on what they’ve heard?” are some of the questions Silas and the rest of the team use to create a practical and effective teaching curriculum for the church.


    Freelance Work

Yes, Silas also freelances as a copywriter for anyone needing his help. He has written several books, articles, and website pages for clients of every random kind. And many of those clients have had really nice things to say about his work! If you need any copy written, you can easily contact him at this page.

You can also connect with Silas on Facebook or Twitter.


One thought on “Meet Silas Brooks”

  1. Thanks for sharing all of that Chris. I knew some of your story into writing, but hadn’t realized how large of a role Gene and your dad played in it. It’s an imaginary game that humanity has deemed worthwhile – I’d love to do that for money… haha

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