What to Find

Her are a few of the different kinds of posts you can find here:


It’s a bunch of experience, fiction, spiritual speculations, and political pondering all wrapped up in one spot. These are my personal posts. This is where I allow myself to write about whatever I want! I hope it is all as much fun to read as it is to write!

Writing Tips:

Fact: When the summer is packed with more good movies, more people go to the movies. When a city has a lot of good restaurant options, people eat out more. And when there is more quality writing/blogging out there, more people read. I want readers. You want readers. So, let’s help each other get better! I don’t profess to be a god of grammar or style. But here is where I share what I am learning with the rest of the writing world.


I love sharing my opinion on stuff! These reviews range from books to movies to comics to technology to restaurants. When something is really bad, people deserve to know. Likewise, when something is just spectacular, it’s worth sharing! And here is where I share it.


Though writing is my heart and soul, Verbalizing thoughts and ideas into the air for listeners to catch is an amazing experience! This is a collection of video and audio of my talks at churches, conventions, and just in my house about topics such as spirituality, writing, politics, and life. Please feel free to watch, listen, and share!

I also post about upcoming books, short stories, speaking engagements and such.

Happy Reading!


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